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Gods of Egypt (2016)

Gods of Egypt (2016)


Brenton Thwaites
Gerard Butler
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Chadwick Boseman

Directed by Alex Proyas

Forty minutes into this movie I was struggling to keep awake, yawning continuously as the movie which is supposed to be an action fantasy film, was more like an endless parade of visual effects and continuous nagging of the characters on how each wished to get their own way.

Now when Gods of Egypt, a film about things that occurred in Egypt 1000s of years ago appear to be more like a movie based on things that happen in a galaxy far far away. I started to lose interest as the movie dragged on with no aim of getting better in the area of excitement or even trying to lay a foundation based on anything I can relate too.

Although the movie has gone through many criticisms due to the casting (as a film about Egypt has no Egyptian in any of the lead roles), my main criticism was the story. It is dull, not exciting and the fight scenes were so below the bar you can possibly sleep off. In fact, the movie would have been best if it was a B-Movie because the financial investment would have been lower. Gods of Egypt was both a critical and commercial failure.
Commercially the movie made from its $140 million budget, $140 million from the box office, which is a failure based on the fact that the studio will just keep about 50-60 % of the box office earnings.

When I look at this Alex Proyas movie, I wonder what could he have done better. For me the major problem is the story. Other than his previous movies The Crow (1994), Dark City (1998) and I robot (2004) where the stories were captivating enough to keep you glued, here the story is sloppy and missing in an evidence of being worth the $140 million spent on it.

The story starts when the god Horus was being anointed king of Egypt, his uncle Seth had other plans. Seth came to the inauguration of Horus and killed Horus father (his brother) and attempted to kill Horus, when Horus was saved by the goddess of love. Seth took Horus eyes and kept them.

A thief named Bek, had his girlfriend killed when he stole one of Horus eyes from Seth, not ready to bare the death of his beloved Bek took the eye to Horus and struck a deal with him to help steal his other eye if Horus will help him bring his lover back from the dead.

In the end I really wished I had placed my money on some other movie than the time I had wasted seeing this mistake of a movie. Please don’t bother wasting money seeing this crap.


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