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The Crow (1994)

The Crow (1994)


Brandon Lee

Directed by Alex Proyas

The Crow has reached an iconic high in the movie realm, mostly because it was the last movie that Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee’s son) stared him, as he, Brandon, died on set during the production of the film; his death was due to a gunshot. The gun was supposed to be loaded with blanks, but one life ammunition bullet was lodged in the gun that was then loaded with blanks. His death on set made the movie gross more than the producers could ever imagine and turned this movie to a cult classic.

The movie is an adaptation of a comic book series of the same name, that was created by James O'Barr, and it tells the tale of the life of Eric (Brandon Lee). Eric and his fiancée were attacked at their home, Eric got shot, and he was paralysed, and could only watch as Shelly his fiancée is savagely beaten and raped. The attackers finally kill Eric.

But a year later Eric is resurrected by a crow, now he hunts the men that killed him and his fiancée, Eric is now an undead, unable to be killed or hurt (as long as he stays on course, which is revenge on those who killed him and his fiancée).

The movie boasts of fast-paced action, the movie adaption of the comic is seen by many to be near accurate. The movie’s cinematography is engaging as we mostly are moving around with Eric in the night, the camera angles or light feed never make you wish that there were gotten from another shot, or you are needing more light. Then there is the score, the dark rocky score that brings you into the melancholy mood of Eric as you watch, the movie doesn't at any time take you to a high of good things happening then brings you back to the main dark theme Alex Proyas (the director, and also director of Dark City (1998) and I, Robot) made sure that from the get go of this movie you are introduced to a sad theme, a sad scene, a sad story and it the movie keeps to that till the end.

The Crow goes places other hero movies don't want to go, no breather, just darkness.

The movie's special effects were most rewarding and the story is very engaging a fit none of the other sequels after it has been able to accomplish, as more sequels were being released the worst the ratings they were getting, making this movie stand out the more.

A remake of this said “untouchable classic” is being done, the argument is will this remake be as good as the original or is it just going to follow the way all the other sequels went. My take on this is, Hollywood filmmakers are now at the end of their rope, going back to remake movies or dragging them into trilogies just to make more money, the remake falls into this suit if you ask me (suit of not having an idea of what movie to do), because such movies like this should never be remade. That said, I will be watching the remake with high hopes, reason being times have changed, 1994 and now that is more than 18 years, enough technological advancement that could not be employed in 1994 will be used in this remake, I just hope it won’t suck.


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