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The Nice Guys (2016)

The Nice Guys (2016)


Russel Crowe
Ryan Gosling

Directed by Shane Black

A lot of movies have been making the air waves lately, but enough of them have been a waste of time. The Nice Guys for me is one of those movies which get itself mixed up in the uproar of not so great movies that it will slip pass and not many people will get to see and appreciate the work done by the two leads and the rich dialogue content, the movie has to offer.

Buddy movies have long been flogged, with many coming out looking lame, but this one has a different style. Two guys you will naturally not like and even as the movie progresses your liking the characters does not change, but the match up they offer is what keeps you glued.
From the beginning we see two different guys running their business independently, one as Private Investigator and the other as a hired hand (if you need anyone roughed up). Their paths crossed when the PI (Ryan Gosling) is looking for a girl named Amelia and Amelia hires the other, Jackson (Russel Crowe) to get the PI off her back.

After that has happened (with Jackson breaking the PI’s hand) Jackson gets a visit from two hired guns sent to get the whereabouts of Amelia from him. Jackson being unaware of where Amelia is told them nothing, and while the men attempted to rough him up, he gets away.

Jackson then approaches the PI, this time to hire him track down Amelia, and pays him upfront. In for this fun ride is the best supporting cast the movie had to offer, Holly the PI’s daughter. Her many captivating interactions and her innocence made her presence in the mix of these two misfits interesting. The writers had her involved in everything from start to finish, with both guys trying hard to not get her involved, but her stubbornness and inquisitive nature made it impossible for the guys to wrap up the whole case without her help.

This movie starts with the death of a porn star and grows into a political cover up of some shady dealings by some top officials, one being Amelia’s mom.

Although the movie is not doing well in the box office it is still a good movie, one I saw late before its run ended in the cinema.

If the opportunity comes for you to see this movies, please do, it is awesome.


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