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The Guard (2011)

The Guard (2011)


Brendan Gleeson
Don Cheadle

Directed by John Michael McDonagh

Well now, here is a movie for fans of British/English kind of comedy. The Guard is a delightful Irish buddy cop comedy film released in 2011 and it is the most successful Irish independent film, upon its release.
The story is very strange, but strange in a good way as the director takes us on a Rush Hour (1998) kind of trip, but this time the person flanking the American is crazy, unstable and an interesting Irish fellow.

The Guard was written and directed by John Michael McDonagh and although the story is good, it is Brendan Gleeson portrayal of Sgt. Gerry Boyle that makes this movie stand out. Here in this movie he always leaves you smiling when he opens his mouth to give out a vulgar response to an innocent question or remark.

Gleeson gave an otherwise overlooked movie life, he made sure you will totally love the character of Sgt. Boyle and the movie’s ending is somewhat of an action façade, making you forget that this movie is a buddy cop dark comedy and not a Rambo (1982) or Commando type of action film.

The Guard style of storytelling is very unique and unlike other buddy cop movies where you can guess your way through, this movie has too much unexpected twists.
This style, earned the movie more than enough recognitions from over 20 different film award programs and festivals, including the Golden Globe, BAFTA and the Irish Film and Television Award where it won five (5) awards.

The film introduces our protagonist Sgt. Boyle as an intelligent, carefree and rude Irish police officer, whose idea of a joke is a racist comment to an African American FBI agent (Don Cheadle) sent to Ireland to stop a suspected drug trafficking scheme.

The three men drug dealing team on ground in Ireland are awaiting a shipment of cocaine worth over $500 million, who decided that the best way to succeed is by buying off everyone who can be a stumbling block to their success.

They just didn’t count on Sgt. Boyle being stubborn.

The Guard was a critical and commercial success and a kind of movie you can chill back and see with the Mrs. while you send the kids to the cinema to watch Disney’s Finding Dory (2016).  Encourage you to see this movie and see for yourself why it had so much recognition. Be warned though the movie is Irish and you may have to listen attentively.


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