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Bedazzled (2000)

Bedazzled (2000)


Brendan Fraser
Elizabeth Hurley

Directed by Harold Ramis

I was not expecting myself to enjoy Bedazzled when I saw it again. Elizabeth Hurley’s portrayal of the devil was not something I was expecting to enjoy but seeing it again I actually did enjoy it. The movie’s way of being unpredictable at the way the wishes were going to play out was the gem for me.
Even though after the first two wishes of the seven, you can have an idea of how things will turn out in each wish and you’ll wish Brendan Fraser’s character Elliot would be a lot smarter when he opens his mouth the next time, but he wasn’t. Another gem in this movie for me was how the wished got twisted out in the end.
I have to give kudos to the writing and directing of the late Harold Ramis for this. As this dark comedy could have gone many ways, and even though I have not seen the previous movie it was adapted from, I have to say this movie is fun.

This remake of the 1967 film of the same name which was a comic view of the Faust legend.
The movie plot has the devil looking for the perfect person to have this game with, which will cost them their soul and they will get seven wishes.
The person of interest was Elliot (Brendan Fraser), a nerdy overzealous man who was madly in love with a lady named Allison (Elizabeth Hurley). This love was getting out of hand, as Elliot was ready to do anything to win Allison and it was that desperation that the devil zoomed in on.

Elliot was picked and given the seven wishes in return for his soul, he agreed to the deal and started wishing.
The trick was the devil was never going to play fair, she knows if you get what you wanted in the first wish, you will not need to wish again. According to the deal, your soul is tied to you making all wishes so the devil will twist reality to make your wish not work out the way you want.
This will make the person make another wish, this time thinking they have covered all the bases of how this wish could go wrong. There is no such thing as a perfect life or world, there will always be something you miss, and it is that something the devil uses to make that wish worthless.

Bedazzled was not a commercial or critical success, but it will always be a movie I enjoyed seeing. The acting was not spectacular, the whole costume and makeup were nothing to give an A+ for, but like I said, it was the way the wishes got twisted that always gets me smiling.


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