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Ready Player One (2018)

Ready Player One (2018)


Tye Sheridan
Olivia Cooke
Ben Mendelsohn
Lena Waithe

Directed by Steven Spielberg

Get ready for CGI at the MAX with a fantastic storyline and this sci-fi adventure film is everything you will expect from Steven Spielberg.
Spielberg did not just direct another masterpiece he painted a picture. His brush was the present geeky thing the world is all about, Virtual Reality and his paint was the next geeky thing the Silicon Valley is trying to master, Artificial Intelligence.

Here is a movie showing us a future not so far off as the movie is set in 2045, where everyone plugs into virtual reality to have a life, that virtual world was created by and is named OASIS.
With a screenplay penned by Zak Penn [The Avengers (2012)] and the writer of the book the movie is based on Ernest Cline, Spielberg took their screenplay and made a visually exciting film that you cannot watch and not be amazed.

The plot to Ready Player One starts from the introduction to the lead character Wade who lost his parents and now lives with his aunt. They live in the year 2045, where over population and environmental disasters has wrecked the world.
Wade created dock for himself outside the home so he can connect to the OASIS. A virtual world which is also connected to the real world, where you can make money and have a life. There in the OASIS Wade made friends and his best friend is Aech, who runs a garage in the OASIS.

The creator of the OASIS died and created a game in the OASIS, a game where the user must find three keys and upon finding the keys, the person will be the owner of the OASIS and the creators fortune.

Wade and Aech have been trying their best to get past the first task to get the first key and it was during this that he met and formed a group called the High Five, consisting of him Parzival, Aech, Art3mis, Anorak and Daito. These are their avatar names in the virtual world.
The High Five and other users are up against a rich cooperation called IOI who wants to get the keys and own OASIS.

The movie is based on a 2011 book of the same name and in the film, the musical score is old 70s and 80s style. Very soothing and it so fits the happenings on screen.
The pat in the back will go to the animators as this movie would have been hard to craft.
I cannot imagine how much work went into fusing together real-life action and a game like setting world. The movie has many themes (Alien, Mortal Kombat and more) characters and stuff from various recognizable franchises and it is not afraid to throw them in your face.

Here is a movie you will see and love.
You will throw much appreciation the way of Spielberg for what he has crafted and in many ways this movie will throw some enlightenment your way, happy viewing.


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