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Rampage (2018)

Rampage (2018)


Dwyane Johnson

Directed by Brad Peyton

I was expecting something from this Sci-Fi action-adventure movie and when it ended I was left to ask myself, “what was I expecting?”
Here is the movie brief plot – a freak science experiment goes uncontrolled wrong and three monstrous animals are on rampage against a city. Whether you can remember the name of a movie(s) with similar plot of huge animals against a city (many of which could be B-movies), we all have some memory of seeing this before.
In addition, one of these humongous animals turned out to be good and helps in saving the day. Yes, I know your memory is tingling about where you have seen that before too.

Let us not try to dig deep into the various movies titles this movie could have reaped his ideas from, but my biggest downer in this movie is – there is nothing new, no twist, where is that one thing that sets this movie apart from the rest we have seen?
The answer to that question is, nothing. The director and screenplay writers didn’t even bother to add anything that will make this movie standout.

Loosely based on a video game of the same name by Midway Games. This story follows Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), who is heading an anti-poaching unit. His tale starts from him prepping some new recruits who he introduces to his close friend, a gorilla. He named the animal George. George is an albino gorilla who communicates using sign language and over the time they have been together Davis and George share many inside jokes with one another.

A company is working on an experiment onboard a space station, a mysterious gas which alters the DNA of animals. When things go horribly wrong on the space station leading to its destruction, the only survivor gets away with three canisters of the mysterious gas. Only for her escape pod to explode before it touches down on earth and the three canisters get lost.
They soon figured out where the canisters where when three normal animals a grey wolf, George and a crocodile turned up on land being giants, emotionally unstable and deformed (well except George).
Now the army and every form of military force are trying to stop these animals, while Davis tries to save George who has gone rogue.

You will see some plot holes, like why is it that there were physical deformities in all the animals exposed to the gas, except George?
How was Dwayne Johnson able to just dust off being shot?
What luck did the world witness, that only three animals on three isolated events were alone within the area the canisters landed.

The movie could have been a B-movie and it will still deliver the same form of excitement. The whole financial $120 million investment in this video game adaptation to me was just a waste, which is why I will be rating this movie low.

Regardless of what anyone says concerning the excitement level of this movie, I have seen B-movies do a better job with less plot holes and less than 10% the budget.


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