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Blast From The Past (1999)

Blast From The Past (1999)


Brendan Fraser
Alicia Silverstone
Christopher Walken

Directed by Hugh Wilson

It was done in 1999 and the movie was one I watched more times than I could count eighteen years ago. That was the time Brendan Fraser was still a hit and the movie was done after his Disney hit, George of the Jungle (1997).
Blast from the Past is a silly rom-com that takes its time to settle into the plot, then when you are all settled the movie kicks off on a journey through life from the eyes of a man who have been denied all social activities for thirty-five years.

It is obvious that things turned out lucky for our Adam Webber (Brendan Fraser), if he had not met Eve (Alicia Silverstone), the whole movie would have been a much longer one. Remove the whole idea of trying to play out the possibility of any of these things happening the way they did in this movie and you will be left with a fun ride of two people learning to discover love.

The whole romantic love in the world sucks, we get hurt and nothing ever last. That is the only true thing about life that the movie gets right as our lead actress is on that plane. While Adam is on another plane where being naïve is not being taken for granted, that is the fiction. When the plot brings together the fiction and the real world, it plays with your emotions as you watch and wish your life can be this cool.

That is why this movie is one I will always love, as Adam Webber was born in a shelter and living with his mom and dad. The three of them lived in this shelter for thirty-five years cut out from the world and surviving on the shelters stock pile of food and power, made to last for that long.
While growing up Adam learned to read, dance, self-defense, other languages, current affairs (as to the time he was born) and was highly educated.
The reason they moved to the shelter is something you will know when you watch, but time was up and the young man born in the shelter finally gets the chance to leave and see the real world, but he must hurry back as his father is sick.

He gets out there and gets lost, but he is lucky to find a kind lady named Eve, who he hired to be his assistance as he sets on his adventure to experience this present world and get back to his father’s aid as soon as possible.

Now, I do not know if I have done a better job in the plot summary than the movie will deliver. One thing to note is, this movie was done in 1999 when there was no #METOO movement and there were less female empowerment movement going on. So, to me it is one movie I will always remember and cherish.


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