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Blockers (2018)

Blockers (2018)


Leslie Mann
John Cena

Directed by Kay Cannon

Nothing in this world can prepare you for the ride and script packaged for you in this movie.
Before watching I decided to get the audience view on the movie. When a movie stars Leslie Mann and John Cena, with Cena doing a butt chug has a low audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the critics like it, I started to suspect that something in this movie does not add up.
For movies like this, the reverse is more usually the case, where the audience like it for star power and the critics cannot be easily swayed by the presence of any star. But it seems the critics loved the stars and the stars and the audience are the ones that cannot be easily swayed by bad writing and strange sexual plot lines.

Watching it myself I can safely say that the movie is a burst. What a distasteful way to depict parents as over protecting people who lack the basic ability to exhibit self-control and could care less about the effects of invading the privacy of their children.

When the movie starts by placing the parents as weird and silly, each really having some personal issues from the past that they need to address (mostly sex related) – I could smell disaster up ahead.
As the plot starts by introducing our victims who happen to be the daughters of the over protective parents – Julie, Kayla and Sam whose crime was to plan to lose their virginity on their prom night.
They made a pact to make the prom night memorable by hinting their dates what they plan to do that night.

Each parent start planning how to make sure the girls had a good time with one parent (Sam’s) organizing a limo for the event, as he suspects that his daughter is a closet gay and has nothing to worry with her and boys.

When their daughters were out with their prom date, they start to text each other, reminding themselves of their pact. Unfortunately, one of the daughters left their laptop on that she used to sync with her phone chat. As the chat continues with the girls, the laptop keeps beeping and the parents decided to look. They discovered by some stupid detective style decryption what their children’s emoji texts was saying, which was to remind themselves of the pact.
The parents took it upon themselves to make sure that none of their children have sex tonight and started an elaborate journey following their kids from party to party to cock-block them.

The movie is one of those movies where someone must take one for the team to go see it and tell the others to run, well I have taken one for you my fellow readers, save your money.


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