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Cold in July (2014)

Cold in July (2014)


Michael C. Hall
Sam Shepard
Don Johnson

Directed by Jim Mickle

Cold in July does not start off as one of those movies you want to keep watching.
It starts off on a weak foundation with a premise that looked too confident for his own good. When you get over the first few minutes after the shooting and ignoring the movie’s weird cinematography, Cold in July is not so bad. I will not be jumping on the I recommend train on this one, but it is something to see to pass the time.
Our two-somewhat lead get close from exhuming a body from the ground and discovering what mystery lay ahead.

The movie was done in 2014 and it stars Michael C. Hall who we can remember from the TV Show Dexter, and not more from my memory. The plot starts when his character Richard was woken up by his wife because she heard something break downstairs in their home.
Richard decides that he should get his gun and go confront the man downstairs, but when he does see the man, his anxiety got the best of him and he kills the intruder.

The police show up and informs him that the intruder he killed was named Freddy Russell. Everything will have been over and done, but Freddy’s father was not having none of it, the moment he heard his son was killed when his son attempted a robbery he was hell bent on revenge.

He got his opportunity, but did not take it, which led the cops to go after him. While they were heading to arrest him, Richard follows them because he doubted that the cops were on his side because upon seeing Freddy’s picture he realized something was not adding up. The officers caught Freddy’s father and instead of arresting him, they did something else. Their actions led to Richard and Freddy’s father bonding as they begin to work together to see what they can come up with.

Their journey towards solving the mystery of why the cops does not seem to be on their side took an unexpected.

The movie is in the B-movie block and it does not jump out of the block as one of those rare wonders. The acting in the movie is well done and the writing can come off lazy at times, but the movie has something about it’s work that is worth appreciating, the turn it takes towards the ending is something you will not expect.


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