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Death Wish (2018)

Death Wish (2018)


Bruce Willis
Vincent D'Onofrio
Elisabeth Shue
Dean Norris

Directed by Eli Roth

That there are other versions of this movie is a surprise to me as this 2018 Death Wish is the sixth in the series and it is a total waste of every effort made in producing it and the time I expended in seeing it.
Bruce Willis walking around as a vigilante disbursing justice in the streets is a little cliché if you get my drift. This movie didn’t even help in the cliché experience by adding some form of excitement to the storyline or a surprise twist. The story is plain, and it is the tale of old on a guy upset by the way the cops are handling his case and decides to go handle it himself.

The directing is weak and if not for Bruce Willis acting like a weird vigilante junkie, I don’t think I would have bothered seeing how this movie would have ended.

The plot we are similar to starts with the introduction of Bruce Willis’ character Paul and family, The Kerseys.
The Kerseys were at a point in their lives where they are celebrating their daughter getting into a school she desires.

After his daughter just finished a soccer game, on their way home his brother asked for some money, which he gives him reluctantly. As that was happening the valet at where they were having a meal was standing by to receive the keys from Paul when his brother said, he got the money.

This caused the valet to snap a picture of their address from the car which was then robbed that night, by armed men. Things didn’t go well with the robbery, Paul was at work in the ER when his wife and daughter were shot.
The wife died and the daughter was in a coma.

Paul who got tired of waiting to hear anything on who did it, decided to handle things his own way, by being the vigilante people called, the Grim Reaper to kill the scums on the street and track down the men who robbed him.

The only take home for me in this movie is that Bruce Willis can still deliver a performance regardless of how crappy the script is or how lost the director seems to be.
Do not allow the intense scenes in this movie to fool you, the movie goes up and down like a roller coaster with a pacing that seems best fits someone who wants to fall asleep when there is no shooting to wake up to some gruesome unneeded events.
I had a dislike for the score, I do not understand why they could not have gotten better songs.

In the end, see this movie if you can withstand the boredom or just want to see Bruce Willis deliver a good performance, do not see this move if you are hoping to see a good action film.


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