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Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)


John Cho
Kal Penn
Paula Garcés
Neil Patrick Harris

Directed by Danny Leiner

The first Harold and Kumar movie from the franchise was just too much. This was a stoner movie that did something different, instead of the stereotype of making stoners look so distant from reality and life, this movie made stoners look like stoners.
The comedy in this movie is over the top funny, the acting is a-class and the chemistry between John Cho and Kal Penn is not something you see every day.
If you have not been onboard or seen any of the Harold and Kumar movies, let me introduce you to them, Harold Lee (John Cho) a Korean-American man working at his first job in investment banking. Then we have Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) an Indian-American with a good medical knowledge and comes from a family of doctors.

These best friends, roommate and regular stoners had a quest which this movie was all about, getting some burgers.
Harold is the most stable of the two with Kumar being an over the top carefree guy. They got high as usual and while high, they got hungry and started to crave some burgers, but not just any burger White Castle burgers. The two started out on a journey to get some burgers and that journey is this movie.

Their path crossed with some issues that plagues the world, racial profiling by police officers, stereotype judgement by others and they met Neil Patrick Harris, who plays a fictional version of himself and that version is a plague.
The movie’s single-minded tone is what makes it awesome and the adventure of the two on their way to go get the burgers they wanted made me not just happy to see them carryout this task, but you get to learn a lot on the way too.

The movie’s directing, and writing comes out to you like you are the one on the journey with these two. It places you in a position that you feel like a fly on the wall to the incidents happening to these characters and the only time you get to snap out of it is when their journey takes a fictitious turn. And their journey does take numerous fictitious turns and you just find yourself happy along with it.

Here is a movie to keep and see anytime your life feels down, it is guaranteed to make up the best part of your day and give you a fun way to check out life itself.
This movie spawned two other movies in the franchise, the second being Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) and the last A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011).


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