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Peter Rabbit (2018)

Peter Rabbit (2018)


Rose Byne
Domhnall Gleeson
James Corden (voice)
Daisy Ridley (voice)
Margot Robbie (voice)

Directed by Will Gluck

I must be honest – the movie had a way of keeping me entertained from the beginning and the silliness is one thing that makes this movie suitable for the family. It had a lesson for the little ones, when pushing gets too much and destroys everything.
This is a complete Home Alone style rip-off, if John Hughes hasn’t passed I would have been sure he was behind the directing of this movie.
The whole excitement starts fifty minutes in and the movie continues to give and give until you finally breakout laughing out loud (well that was what happened to me). The movie had a cool musical score and as you would expect an ending that was all too cliché.

The movie plot adapts Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit from the 1901 publication, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This is a modernized version of the book and it starts with the introduction of Mr. McGregor, Bea and the Rabbits.

Mr. McGregor was an old man with a garden where he grows vegetable and the movie depicts him as someone who cares less about his health and more on his stomach which led to him dying in the beginning.
Bea is the kind neighbor of McGregor who has a maternal care nature for the animals, especially the rabbits.

The rabbits are led by Peter and he lives in a burrow with his cousin Benjamin, and his triplet sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, and they spend most of their days picking on Mr. McGregor and stealing vegetables from his garden.

After the death of Mr. McGregor (who had no other family except his nephew Thomas) his estate was now the property of Thomas McGregor. Thomas lives in the city and is unaware of his uncle existence until informed he has inherited his uncle’s house.

After his bad nature gets him fired from his office, he goes to his inheritance and begins work on selling it. Peter and his crew were not ready to have another McGregor come make their lives difficult because Thomas seems to be worse than his uncle. To add to their predicament Thomas and Bea seem to have some form of attraction to one another.

Peter began a battle with Thomas which I have to say is the best part of the movie.

The movie had a good CGI mixing and the acting was not so spectacular. The movie is a massive hit for Sony Animations and I would not be surprised if they start planning a sequel to this movie already. As it made more than four times its production cost.

Warning though there was a part in the movie I was not comfortable with, Peter Rabbit tried to kill Thomas. This scene puzzles me as to why the writers decided to put it there. Peter attacked Thomas with Blackberries knowing fully well he is allergic.
Other than that, and the view of animals attacking a human and vice versa, this movie is good.


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