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The Iron Giant (1999)

The Iron Giant (1999)


Starring the voice of
Eli Marienthal
Vin Diesel
Christopher McDonald
Harry Connick Jr.
Jennifer Aniston

Directed by Brad Bird

Like many awesome movies which ended up not being financially profitable for a part 2, The Iron Giant was overlooked by theater goers when it was released, which has been blamed on bad marketing.
Even though the movie gained many accolades and was a critical success from the critics and the audience who got to see this at that time it was not measured up as a classic. Years after many got around to see it and the movie has grown to a cult classic animation.

This Sci-Fi CGI animated film was Brad Bird first film as director and when you watch it, you will come to admire the animation, voice casting and wonderful story he put together to entertain us.
If you are wondering who Brad Bird is, he is the one behind Disney’s The Incredibles (2004) and Ratatouille (2007), both of which he directed and wrote. He is back this year also, helming the reins in Disney’s follow up to their 2004 masterpiece, get saddled for Incredibles 2 (2018).

The Iron Giant is a nice movie about a boy who cares too much for lost animals. He brings them home to care for them. His love transcends beyond animals to a giant metal robot he came across and soon loved and made friends with.

Set in 1957 during the Cold War, a young boy named Hogarth Hughes discovers a giant robot which fell from the sky. Many rumors have been going about town on this creature, Hogarth was not expecting to be the one to find this creature, but he did.
His initial fear of the creature vanished when he discovers that the creature was lost and seem to have forgotten who he is or where he is from.

He started to teach the creature how to speak and how to behave, keeping it away from sight in a scrap yard belonging to a man whom later became his friend and partner in caring for the giant, Dean.
Unknown to them the rumors about the existence of this giant reached the ear of a hero wannabe Kent Mansley, a government agent.

Soon Hogarth and Dean discovers that their metal eating pet had a dark-side.
He turns into something else when he is attacked and in the process of defending himself he is capable of tearing down an entire town.

How they handle this new discovery, the wannabe hero and the town they live in is what this animation is about.


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