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Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider (2018)


Alicia Vikander
Dominic West
Walton Goggins
Daniel Wu

Directed by Roar Uthaug

I must be honest, Alicia Vikander is a wonderful actress and she must have gone through some rigorous training and experience in the production of this movie.
This Tomb Raider reboot turned Alicia’s Lara Croft into much of a throw around, where she happened to be flung everywhere, punched in every fight scene and in a way, she was totally messed up in this movie. Which I pretty much appreciated instead of a movie where she is an unstoppable force.
This movie is meant to be the birth of Lara Croft with her two guns and although the story could have been done better and the movie a lot shorter, I don’t think it is a bad start.

Like the old Lara Craft starring Angelia Jolie, Lara’s absent father affected the way she grew up and perceived life. Her hunt for what happened to her father was what led to this whole movie.
Lara’s father went on a hunt a save the world, a hunt which was only known by him and a group (or company) known as Trinity. He wanted to make sure the mystical powers of the Queen of Yamatai, never got into the hands of the wrong people who wanted to use the Queen’s powers of death from touch to take over the world.

This action adventure movie then starts with her father gone, some saying dead and Lara refusing to use or be part of his heavy financial background to take care of herself instead being a bike messenger and is struggling to meet her needs.
She was later approached to come claim her inheritance or lose it all, she agrees and then stumbles on a message from her father. The message led her to his study where he saw a recorded message asking her to burn all his files on the Queen of Yamatai. She ignores the message and then deciphers his notes to pinpoint where he travelled to and she decided to go find him.

On her journey she met a group sent by Trinity and she was captured. Lara must find a way to get away from under Vogue a man who oversees the Trinity hunt and continue her search for what happened to her father.

The movie starts with me having a fond recollection of an irish voice, which later turned out not to be that of Dara O' Briain.
The way the movie ends, reminds me of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Where the entirety of the movie didn’t end up making sense as what happened would have happened or not have happened if Lara had just stayed home.
An ok movie that anyone could watch.


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