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Skyscraper (2018)

Skyscraper (2018)


Dwayne Johnson
Neve Campbell

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Well the movie is as the people say, very familiar which then turns the familiarity to predictability of what could happen and what will happen. I think the over exposure of Dwyane Johnson some familiar stunts we have seen before makes this movie difficult to take seriously.
Here is $125 million budget of a film made to make you feel you are seeing an overly expensive B-movie. I enjoyed it anyways.
Skyscraper is the second collaboration between director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The first being Central Intelligence (2016) which was an action comedy where The Rock starred alongside Kevin Hart.

This Die Hard (1988) rip-off is no comedy, and it has the ladies doing some fighting and a combo couple trying to make things happen as they try to save their children. Neve Campbell has been below the radar for a while and seeing her back, for me was enough to stay glued.
The plot starts with the introduction of our hero [Will (The Rock)] as a retired military officer who retired after a failed military raid, which left him amputated as he lost one of his legs. Now married to wife (Neve Campbell) and with two kids he works as a security consultant.

The side plot has a skyscraper which Will and his family live as Will does his assessment of the building to be sure the security features are good enough to deter any catastrophe. The skyscraper belongs to Zhao Long Ji, who has been facing some challenges during the construction of the world tallest skyscraper. His biggest challenge comes from a terrorist who is extorting millions from Long Ji during the buildings construction.
Long Ji is in possession of a memory card which he believes can bring down this terrorist as, he has been tracking all the payments he has made to this terrorist and how they have been laundered.

You can guess the terrorist learns of the existence of this memory card and decides to kill Long Ji, destroy the card and bring down the skyscraper. The problem is that the building is fitted with all form of security to deter any form of disaster and our hero Will is the only person with root access to the building.
The bad guy puts together a team to catch Will and use his access to get into the buildings main core and fulfil their mission. Things did not go as plan because Will did not come quietly, and his family were also a problem to catch and keep under control.

Now the movie was filled with a lot of impossibility, it was kid of silly and things just seem to always work out in favor of our hero. That said, I enjoyed it and I understand why many will not and why this movie should not have been made. I cannot say with good conscience that you should go see this movie, but if you do catch this on a streaming media, take the time to go see it.


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