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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)


Jason Mewes
Kevin Smith

Directed by Kevin Smith

It has always been a thrill to see the duo of Jay and Silent Bob in the films that Kevin Smith does and have their presence administered in small doses. When the idea of having them helm their own full length film was tossed and Kevin Smith went ahead to deliver such a film I didn’t know what to expect.
I was worried that there could be something like too much Jay. Hey, Silent Bob’s presence can be overlooked because of the main idea of his persona, mostly silent through out his appearances.

In the end the movie was not half bad. I enjoyed seeing the fools (as their characters are made to be) being loose to the world without a chain on their neck to contain their foolishness. The movie can come out as harsh with the way Jay just goes about cursing and being so not in tune with how to behave. But the presence of a significant other who made him at some point consider not using some words was cool. Then the movie has an almost endless array of actors pulling off cameo appearances here and there, or playing a character themselves.

The movie is fun, as the movie does not take itself serious in any way. If you decide to throw punches at the idea of a stupid plot, it can be said that, “this was the whole point of the movie.”

The movie starts with us seeing how the duo met and we see how Jay got his foul mouth. The duo were doing what they do best hanging out and selling weed, when their day was interrupted, with a news of a movie being made.
It so happens that Miramax bought the right to a movie and they were informed that the movie to be made was that of Bluntman and Chronic. Bluntman and Chronic are a pair of characters created after them and in their likeness, the movie was being made and they were being left out of the financial benefit. They decided to go see the man behind the comic to ask for their financial cut. He informed them that he too was not getting any money from the movie as he had sold off his right to the characters to his partner. He led them to the internet where they saw a whole list of people dissing the characters Bluntman and Chronic. The duo took this personal even though they were told not to and decided to go to Hollywood and stop the movie production.

Their journey led them to a state wild chase for being terrorist. They got involved in a diamond heist (unknowingly) and just getting lost in Hollywood.
Well Kevin Smith is planning a return of this two characters and I cannot imagine what they would be up to next.


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