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The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)

The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)


Louis Ashbourne Serkis
Tom Taylor
Rebecca Ferguson
Patrick Stewart

Directed by Joe Cornish

Here is a movie I enjoyed, I think it is fun to watch, loved the adventure, the twist of a tale and the way the children are used to deliver something like a retell of King Arthur’s story.
The Kid Who Would Be King is a King Arthur tale in the modern times. Or more like Morgana did not die, came back to get revenge on England and she was stopped by some children, led by a twelve-year-old. The movie is set to be a box office bomb and I’m not surprised, all you have to do is see the movie and you too will feel the movie has been an over invested venture.

It fits a small screen delivery best (a TV Movie you catch on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon) because of the way the casts interacts with the fantasy world. These were children taking on creatures of the underworld in sword fights (after five minutes of training, mind you) and taking down Morgana when she had turned to a fiery fire creature.
All this is far fetched for anyone to take the movie seriously, but if you have children within the ages of six – twelve they will like this movie and you will not be bored while you sit beside them and watch.

We all know the tale of King Arthur, he stopped Morgana and her cohorts with his Knights and then the world was safe for a while. Centuries later Morgana is starting to get stronger and although Arthur defeated her back then, she was not killed.

Merlin is aware that she will be coming back some centuries later so he too prepared himself to be back at that time. So when this twelve-year-old was being chased by bullies and he fell and found himself in a brought down building with a sword in a stone, he pulled it out.
He took the sword home and he then met Merlin who told him he has to form a group of Knights to stop the raging doom ahead.

In the end I enjoyed the ride and I believe many would, here is a safe movie to go watch with the family. The CGI is average at best and the acting by the children led cast is good. The story needed a little work to come to par with the other movies it was competing with during its release, but the movie is well package for the small screen. I believe it will do well there and recoup enough from DVD sales, to reduced the expected loss from the box office.


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