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Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Alita: Battle Angel (2019)


Rosa Salazar
Christoph Waltz
Jennifer Connelly
Mahershala Ali

Directed by Robert Rodriguez

My my Alita Battle Angel is captivating, interesting and very inviting a tale since the story is not new to me, but can be very difficult to follow for someone who hasn’t come across the story before.
The movie’s advantage is the action sequences. They come direct at you and many times you are left sitting in awe and cheering for the lead Alita to kick some ass. The movie’s special effects is a no hold backing masterpiece.
You will enjoy how each cyborg or android character in this future is handing its existence, how they move and how they battle. The visual meal this movie delivers is not something you can get anywhere and I advise you go get a taste after you read the below down side.

The movie’s downside is in the tale, it felt like three tales squashed together:
Tale 1: Alita is brought back to life by Ido and has to discover herself and learn to be her own person. Also, Hugo introduces her to the competitive sport of Motorball,
Tale 2: Alita and the bounty hunters (or Hunter-Warrior as they are called in this world). Who is Vector and Nova?
Tale 3: Alita becomes a player in Motorball and everyone is after her.

What makes this tale very good is the way the directing put things together, which is a slow unravel of a story that leaves you wanting more the moment the final curtain drops. Robert Rodriguez (who did the Mexico Trilogy: El Mariachi, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico) is the man on the directing chair of the below plot.

In the future (year 2563) we are brought to the aftermath of a catastrophic war known as "The Fall." The war has turned Earth into a devastating place to be and many places are just junkyards.
A man while scouting the junkyard metropolis of Iron City, discovers a disembodied female cyborg with a fully intact human brain. His name is Dr. Dyson Ido and he is a cyborg scientist. He rebuilds the cyborg, who doesn’t have any recollections of her past, and names her "Alita" after his deceased daughter (in the manga it is after his cat).

Alita is magnificent and Ido took the time to teach her things about life. She makes friends with a young man named Hugo and starts to discover herself and the world she inhabits. Soon a key to more self discovery was handed to her when she followed Ido out.
Ido is a Hunter-Warrior, and when his life was in danger, she came to his rescue. She fought back the people after them and became a mark for the man who is running everything, Nova.

He wanted her body, and was willing to do anything to get it. While Alita is getting to know who she was as her memory is coming back to her slowly. Soon she discovers she is meant to go after Nova and stop him.

The movie is a visual masterpiece and I do hope it scales through in the box office because I will like to see the sequels penned down for this movie tale.


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