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Hellboy (2019)

Hellboy (2019)


David Harbour
Milla Jovovich
Ian McShane

Directed by Niel Marshall

This new Hellboy movie has many things missing to make it fun to watch and make me want to recommend it. This supernatural horror was trying very hard to walk close to the line of the comics and still stay far away from the del Toro's Hellboy.
It sucked too many monsters into one film, creating unneeded subplots and changing narrative when it was not needed. It created a pace that it could not keep up with and when it failed to make it all work the movie just ended with hope that we the viewers will like it enough to want to see a second part.

This movie was filled with too many daddy issues that it became annoying and distracting. The ending was so lame and after seeing this movie I wanted so bad to go and see the del Toro's Hellboy.

The movie plot introduces us to the lead anti-hero character Hellboy. Unlike del Toro's Hellboy the origin tale of our is broken into two. We get to see them at two different times, one tells us how he got to earth and the other how he was born.

Hellboy for those who do not know him, is a half demon character who has a tail, two horns, one hand bigger than the other and a red skin. He was created with a destiny to bring forth the apocalypse.
He works with the B.P.R.D (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) and he is one of their lead investigators for taking down monsters.

One monster is brewing and is a hot cake for him to take down, her name is Nimue. She is the Blood Queen who was taken down (not killed and awaiting resurection) during the time of King Arthur. Thanks to the numerous enemies Hellboy has gained over the years, a few of them join forces to bring Nimue back to deal with Hellboy. What they did not know is that Nimue and Hellboy’s destiny is meant to meet and they are not mentioned in the meet.

Filled with annoying CGI and a very wasted cast, I think this movie had no chance. Even I cannot help but to put it up there with the two del Toro's Hellboy movies.

The last Hellboy movie was eleven years ago by writer and director Guillermo del Toro. The first and second movie had Ron Perlman playing the lead character Hellboy. Here we have a new director in Niel Marshall and for me David Harbour picked the wrong movie to be a hero in.
I feel the production studio should have allowed del Toro and Perlman to finish their Hellboy trilogy. This cooked up reboot which has already started with bad critical reviews and a low turnout at the box office, is a complete waste of time to see.


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