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Broadcast News (1987)

Broadcast News (1987)


William Hurt
Albert Brooks
Holly Hunter

Directed by James L. Brooks

The movie is nice and tender. Broadcast News explores everything that needs to be done to get the news out for we the viewers to see it. You will like the challenges they faced and how many people hide behind their work and their drive.
What I liked about the movie is the way it plays so close to reality and not try to spin out something that can only be done through cinematic magic. The weird and lonely struggle to get a break, while the crafty and morally inept get ahead. In the movie nice guys do not get the girls in the end nor do crafty guys get their heart squashed. Nice guys lose the girls and crafty guys go far win awards and get even prettier girls. While the lady that tries to get a grip of her life will at the end, still try to get a grip of her life and like in this movie, we see at the end of the tunnel a glimmer of hope for her.

The writing of this movie must have taken a lot of investigation to get done. The acting also will have you at the ropes in appreciation because it appeared that not everyone could have pulled off what we saw displayed on screen.

The plot starts with the introduction of the three people to which the movie focuses on, but everything seems to revolve around Jane (Holly Hunter). Jane is a very unhappy lady whose entire life revolves round her work. She is very good at what she does and is always ready to pull out a diamond from a rock when things are tight and everyone says impossible. We see her sometimes take timeout to cry about how sad her life is and how much she wished for more. What I liked here is that, she acts out these feelings without us getting see this really addressed in words.
Her seemingly best friend and probably only fried s Aaron (Albert Brooks) she adores him so much as a friend and he seems to be the one person who gives her life the needed anchor. Aaron is a full time reporter nerd. He knows what he needs to know about a case before he gets on it and is ready to go as far as needed to get the story right. Aaron desires to one time grow to be a news anchor, but he lacks the charisma to be able to get to such a height. Then there is Tom (William Hurt) the man who gets to be anchor later on in the movie and the one person who we discover is willing to do anything to get ahead.

Written, produced and directed by James L. Brooks, this movie was a critical and commercial success and earned numerous Academy Awards nominations and also numerous movie award nominations. It did not win an Academy Award, but it won other movie awards for it’s work.

Quiet a long film, but fun to see.


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