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Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II (2019)


Starring the voices of
Idina Menzel
Kristen Bell
Jonathan Groff
Josh Gad

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

This animation lacked the power and energy that Frozen (2013) had. Even though it was another fun ride into the unknown, where we meet strange things and encounter weird events, but it so much lacked the energy of fun and excitement of Frozen (2013). But the visuals are just as magical.
In simple words, if you liked Frozen (2013), then you would probably like this second part, but not as much as the first

Disney probably felt what was missing in Frozen (2013) was more songs and in the first twenty minutes we get to listen to like four. Which by the way were nothing like Let It Go or my favorite from Frozen (2013) Do You Want To Build A Snowman.

Frozen II boast of a new adventure and unlike Frozen (2013) it focuses more solely on the past and a sort of situation lock, where everyone in a place is locked out from the rest of the world. They continue to grow, have children, but cannot live the place they reside.
That place in this movie is the enchanted forest, which Disney felt they can plant the seed of interest in the forest by a five minute look in the past in the beginning of the film.

Frozen II is the 58th animated film production by Walt Disney Studios and follows another sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018). Which in turn was a sequel to Wreck it Ralph (2012).
The CGI animated story starts with a glimpse of Anna and Elsa playing as children and hearing stories of the enchanted forest from their parents. Which for me didn't do enough to sow the seed of interest, but I guess that will not be the same for children so I went along with the tale.
Now that they have grown and the events of Frozen (2013) is behind us, we are greeted with a musical fantasy. We find out that in the past, there was a Northuldra tribe who are one with the four spirits. They use this gift to wield magic even though they were not magic themselves.
Elsa and Anna’s grandfather was king then and he built a dam for these people as a gift. During the celebration of the gift a fight broke out, which caused the spirits to be angry and the sealed the forest from the outside world.

Now our two heroines most find a way to solve the problem. Which problem you may ask, well Elsa is hearing a voice, and she woke the spirits and with that comes chaos and they must solve the problem.

In the end, the animation was average and I ended up liking Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) more than it.


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