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Noelle (2019)

Noelle (2019)


Anna Kendrick
Bill Hader

Directed by Marc Lawrence

Disney+ opened with many new things and others on the way for use to enjoy. One of the early release with the launch of the new streaming service (owned by Disney) is this Christmas movie, Noelle.
Noelle is a movie that tries to get you with the Christmas cheer. It tries to woe you with Santa making connection to a little girl who is deaf and all the girl wants is for her mother to get a job. It tries to woe you by making everything work out with emotional scenes. The whole underdog getting ahead in this movie is not a twist ending that you will not have figured out less than half way into the movie.

The so well misplaced ideas of how to make a fantastic Christmas movie, were pulled to make this movie and this movie sucks big time.

The movie plot starts far in the North Pole at Santa’s house. Santa has two children Noelle and Nick. Nick from the moment we joined the movie is to start being groomed to be the new Santa, while Noelle had one job, to be his personal cheerleader.
After many years all grown Nick (Bill Hader) was not getting the whole Santa thing and was struggling big time to get things right. Their father has passed and the pressure was on Nick to be ready on or before Christmas day to go share the presents. When Noelle (Anna Kendrick) saw her brother’s struggles she suggested he takes a weekend off to cool down.

Nick was gone for more than a week, in fact he ran off causing the elders to make his and Noelle’s cousin the new Santa as they prepare for Christmas.
Noelle decides she has to find her brother and after she was able to deduce where in the world he probably will be hiding, she takes the Santa sleigh with the reindeers to go find him.

Making women take the lead seems to be one thing Disney is trying to make happen in a lot of the things they are doing now. Not all of their attempt on the stupid wave of “WOKENESS” have been as crappy as this one. For one thing, I have no qualms with females taking the lead by taking over a role which is commonly attributed to men. The moment I saw Noelle I wanted the movie to be this way. I wanted a change and even twenty minutes in and I could guess where the movie was going and yet hated the crappy way it was playing out, I stayed hopeful. In the end I believe the Noelle character deserved a better movie to launch her place as a woman in a role dominated by men.

I feel this movie had the idea, but did not have the delivery power to make the needed splash it could have made.


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