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The Third Man (1949)

The Third Man (1949)


Joseph Cotten
Alida Valli
Orson Welles
Trevor Howard

Directed by Carol Reed

The musical theme of this movie is something that is well known, and the all together musical score of can best be summarized in one word, classic. The movie itself pulls at the strings of your heart and sense from different sides.
The movie in summary is about the death of Harry Lime (Orson Welles), which was weird because of the accounts of his death do not match along with one witness, who saw three men carry Harry’s body. But according to the police report based on two witness, there were only two men there.

At this time the person who discovered this inconsistency was Harry’s friend from America Holly Martin (Joseph Cotten). Holly was visiting Vienna the place where the movie is set for a job which was promised to him by Harry. Upon getting to Vienna he hears of Harry’s death and goes to the funeral. When Holly starts to investigate what had happened to his friend, his path crossed with the officer in charge of the case, Major Calloway (Trevor Howard).

Holly wants to get to the bottom of the case and see what the police was missing or hiding because the Harry he knew when growing up is not the same Harry the police are happy is dead. It is at this point you wish you had a friend like Holly on your side. That changes quick when the movie develops and later on you wish never had a friend like him. His way of trying to solve the case led to many other people getting into trouble and he just getting off unscratched, but out of breath from running for his life. Then there is Anna, the love interest of Harry. Her place in the movie is just everywhere and this thriller plays with these three characters in ways that just makes you wonder how the movie is planning to end this whole matter placed in front of you.

You keep watching to know what really happened to Harry, who are these men who carried him to the side walk when he died? Did he die immediately or did he live long enough to live a message for Holly and Anna? Was Harry as bad as the police say, or was there a cover up?
See this wonderful movie to see the answers for these questions.
The movie has some very weird angles of sight. The cinematographer shot some scenes at some angles that just makes you wonder if that was an error, but then it happens a lot of other times and you kind of like it.

Seen as one of the best movies ever, which I do agree. The acting in this movie will leave you gasping for more and hoping the movie had more planned, but it ends with your mind left to wonder how Holly and Anna will deal with the aftermath of Harry.


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