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The War with Grandpa (2020)

The War with Grandpa (2020)


Robert De Niro
Uma Thurman
Rob Riggle
Oakes Fegley
Christopher Walken

Directed by Tim Hill

When the movie title is called The War with Grandpa, you can expect it to be cheesy, silly and the supposed average family fun movie. It is something to see during this covid period that you will not turn off or walk out on when you start. As my grade goes, do not expect to be over joyed laughing hard at this comedy.

The movie is based on a book of the same name for young children by the late Robert Kimmel Smith. One thing I give the movie though is the pranks, there were some scenes and pranks that cracked me up and there were pranks that seem over the top.

The whole idea of a turf war between grandpa and grandson may have started out silly, but this movie tries (and fails) to take it from the silliness to entertainment with an ending I disliked.
The movie went from what should have been a normal happy ending of the family fixing the mess the two made, to some tears and the young man with a frown as the credits roll. The whole idea of that frown is that, if this movie does well in the box office they already have a setup for a part two.

The movie starts with us getting to meet Sally’s (Uma Thurman) Dad Ed (Robert De Niro). Ed is old and since the loss of his wife, tired and would just like things to be the way it is, no change that will make his existence harder. So after a mess at a supermarket, Sally had to move him into her home. She gave him her young son’s (Peter played by Oakes Fegley) room. This is something Peter was not happy about, he complained and when he was not getting any response to his favour, he nagged his friends about it. It was in the gathering of his friends that he came up with the idea to declare war on his grandpa, by sending him a declaration of war notice.

The old man did not take it serious at first, but when he saw that Peter was taking it serious, they both met and decided to go after each other. From here on, you can pretty much guess your way through.

With the kind of actors in the movie, I think I expected more, but hey! They worked with what was written. Even my main man Christopher Walken’s class did little to nothing to save this movie.

In the end watch this movie if you feel you can stand two people pulling pranks on each other with guided special effects, stunts and too unrealistic almost all the time.


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