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Cocoon (1985)

Cocoon (1985)


Don Ameche
Wilford Brimley
Hume Cronyn
Brian Dennehy

Directed by Ron Howard

I thought this was the second time I will be seeing Cocoon, because when I was younger I saw a Cocoon movie that I recalled did not like. When this was suggested for me to see I was shocked to discover that the one I saw when I was younger was the shitty part two.
This to me was not as grand as I was told, but it was okay enough to see and enjoy for what it was, a Sci-Fi comedy with some cool effects done in the 80s. The movie for me did not need to try hard to impress, if just did.

The movie is about these men from an old people’s home wanting to have their own place to cool off. They used to break into the house next door to use the pool there. When a group of people, two men and a lady rented the house. We also meet Jack a boa owner which this trio negotiate with to take them on boat trips for some days. Needing the money Jack agreed. Soon we discover the trio are aliens who have comeback to earth to take home their comrades left behind when Atlantis sank like ten thousand years ago. In order to survive the trip back to their alien planet, the trio put some healing power in the pool of the house they rented. Then placed their cocooned friends in it. The cocoon is made of rock.

These old men from the home broke into the house next door again and used the pool, the healing power from the pool got into their body. The effect was even though they still looked old, they felt very young. From then on the movie had its moments that made me sit through it and it was fun seeing something I would expect. Most nice old people now used to be jerks it is lack of energy that comes with aging which forced them to cool off. Return that energy and they will be jerks all over again.

The movie goes on with us watching as these aliens try to just get their friends back home and some selfish old farts trying to get some juice back into their bones.

Now I have never met an alien from outer space, neither am I keen to meet one either, but this movie have the shittiest reaction to people meeting aliens. From Jack the boat owner pervert discovering the girl he was peeking on as she changed wore a human skin, to the old men all happy to swim in a pool, housing aliens.

I am going to get all racially biased here, so fair warning. This seems like a white man movie where as a black man you are watching this and wondering which black man in his right senses will do a thing like this. It was like the movie heard me, because the only person in the old people’s home who later freaked out about everything was a black man.


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