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Irresistible (2020)

Irresistible (2020)


Steve Carell
Chris Cooper
Mackenzie Davis
Rose Byrne

Directed by Jon Stewart

Irresistible is a bungled idea. A political satire with boring jokes and a wasted cast. The movie kept nudging you to laugh at jokes that were too awkward to be funny and then stupidly pauses at weird scenes, like a stand-up comedian waiting for a laugh, from an unfunny joke.
The smart twist ending which caught me off guard to be honest, was not enough to save this movie. Even though it was a welcome treat after a long boring ride, the movie is still a ride I rather not have embarked on. Also, the twist was not a strong redeeming factor that will make me recommend this film.

The plot starts like being hit on the head with the same old thing, a man (Jack played by Chris Cooper) gets up and tries to defend the immigrants in his town at a town hall meeting. His defense was classic, went viral and caught the attention of a democrat political strategist who believed he can spin him to win the state from the republicans.
Here is where the movie then delves into a wormhole clichés, one of which is rural people are not as smart as the suit and tie people of the city. Here the movie does not fail to paint this idea which is trapped in the mind of the political strategist Gary (Steve Carell), who believes he can mold the town and get them to switch sides from the republican mayor.
Jack wanted Gary to be the one heading things in his town and not bring in just any hack. Gary stays behind and as soon as they get on board, the republican party also sends in their person who happens to be Gary’s nemesis, Faith. Faith is played by Rose Byrne who is hardly in this movie mind you, so if you are a huge fan get ready to be disappointed because the main person that fit the role of leading lady in this movie is Mackenzie Davis who plays Diana, Jack’s daughter.

Faith brought with her big money and so Gary too had to go and bring in big money so that they can match what the republicans are throwing into this race. Now, all these things happen across a bunch of well known supporting cast. And it occurs to be spread like butter over too much bread (LOTR quote) making the movie thin, and it felt like a supposed thirty minute sitcom episode stretched for over one and half hour.

The movie is written and directed by Jon Stewart. My summary is: this movie is best left unseen. If you have not heard much about it, is because there is little to nothing to say about the movie. The movie was meant to get a wide release, but instead due to the pandemic you can only see it on VOD. I will advise you save your money.


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