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Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)

Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020)


Keanu Reeves
Alex Winter
Kristen Schaal
Samara Weaving

Directed by Dean Parisot

I really, really enjoyed this movie more than I expected I would. First I was worried that a more older Keanu Reeves will not be able to deliver the need spunk that he had when he played Bill thirty-one years ago. Second, I could not imagine this movie plot will sit well after the onslaught of movies I have seen between then and now. Lastly, recalling the second part in 1991, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey which I totally hate and find boring, I was worried this will be just like it.
I was wrong, this movie was like the first, and it picks up more than twenty years after the events of 1991.

I do not know if it is the nostalgia or just me missing the two dudes that made me like this movie so much. Back in 1989 the amazing comedian George Carlin played a character named Rufus in the movie who gave them the time machine to their amazing journey. The two young men back then were Theodore "Ted" Logan (Alex Winters) and William "Bill" Preston (Keanu Reeves), Esq. The 1989 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was at that time, the best time travel movie I saw.

Now, imagine these men married to their princesses from the first film, and now have adult children girls who are 100% like them, except they are better musicians. Our two have so far failed to write the song they were told will unite the world. Their band Wyld Stallyns have disbanded and they are a failed duo. Their wives are the only thing keeping the family afloat and even they were tired of their whole devotion to writing this song.
Well time is running out and the people from the future sends Rufus daughter to bring them and inform them the time limit they have to write the song.

The two stole the time machine to which they were used to, and as you can guess this silly goons made things worse. They wanted to get the song from their future self, and started a whole mess that seemed almost impossible to resolve. The movie’s ending on the song itself was something I guess halfway into the movie, but it felt cool anyways seeing the two discover the song after all.

Better effects, cool setup and a nice watch this is a movie I will be giving a rewatch because I just like the Wyld Stallyns and their so cool way of making a mess and cleaning it up.
This is one of the best things I have seen in this covid period. So if you have not seen the first film, there is no way you will be able to see this and enjoy it. You do not have to see the second movie, just have in mind that Death joined the band.


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