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Greenland (2020)

Greenland (2020)



Gerard Butler

Morena Baccarin

Roger Dale Floyd

Scott Glenn

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh

Greenland may not racking in awards, but the movie is captivating and it is a fantastic movie. The movie packs enough captivating events that you can spread them over two films. From kidnapping, attempted murder, theft, action and tragedy all happening while a catastrophic end of the world incident is playing out. You can weave some of these events together and have them run solo to make a movie on its own.

You can have one movie being about a family trying to survive the now cruel world as everything as we know it comes to an end. Or a family trying to make it to a safe haven to survive a catastrophic incident which could spell the end of the world. The director masterfully made the movie from the best of everything. Taking the best part of all the possible things that could happen, he shaped this movie over the almost two hour run-time without you even knowing how long you have spent sat there watching. He even added compassion from an unexpected source just to make this movie have the cinematic appeal and emotional dose needed during these trying covid times.

The movie starts with the introduction of the Garrity family. We meet John (Gerard Butler) who we come to understand is trying to make things work with his wife as they seem to be having marital problems. There is Allison the wife and their son Nathan who is diabetic. John gets an alert on his phone telling him he and his family has been selected for emergency sheltering. This happens when he and his family were planing for the party they were going to host for their neighbors to watch the passing comet.

The passing comet ended up not just being a passing comet, but a world changing one as debris from it fall to earth. These debris and many others to come we get to understand would be tragic for the world as a whole. The message to John comes to his phone again and on his TV alerting his neighbors that there is something up and he and his family have been selected for some sort of evacuation.

From then on the movie takes a new turn. On getting to the base where they were supposed to be taken for sheltering, things start to get difficult when they misplaced Nathan’s insulin. John leaves his family to go get it, and things get worse.

Allison and Nathan gets kicked out of the shelter and John gets swept away in the storming of the base. Allison leaves a message on their car for John. When John gets to the car, he sees the message and knows where they will be. The journey to get there for both husband and wife, is filled with so much turmoil. Which is the whole thing this movie is about, worth seeing.


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