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Fatman (2020)

Fatman (2020)




Mel Gibson

Walton Goggins

Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Directed by Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms

What is the point of making Santa (Mel Gibson whose name in this movie is Chris) be in cohorts with the government to milk money from its citizen when even that thread is not pulled?

I felt this movie was a complete waste of my time. The movie seems to have been packed with so many potentials to which it could have taken. The comedy could have been swung at us from many levels, but instead the movie got caught up with what I would believe is the ability of its casts to entertain on a half-baked script. The comedy mostly misses the mark and the only thing the director succeeded in was in the movie’s pacing, he kept it boring from the start to the end.

The acting may have been on the notch by all the characters involved, but what a waste were all the cast on this.

The movie leaves what could have been powerful subplots untreated and instead dived into a young boy and a silly obsessed character who want to kill Santa because he did not give them the gifts they wanted.

When the movie was over, I start to see that even the making of the toys and his ability to travel around in one night would have been nice to see. Instead there is this man who is hunting Santa with a gun. Then because this is a black comedy Santa is not a nice guy and he defends himself by using a gun also.

The movie introduces us to two pairs of individuals. Chris (Santa) and his wife Ruth – and we have on the other side Billy and Jonathan. Billy is a young man who is used to always getting his way in life and we see the extent of his spoilt nature. Jonathan on the other hand is a hired killer, an adult who is obsessed with hunting Santa, Jonathan got a lump of coal as his Christmas gift.

Chris is having issues with the government based on the children of the world turning to shit, and he giving out more coals than gift. The government wants him to divert his ability into another business for them. While he and his wife were contemplating this, Chris does his Christmas run for that year and Billy gets a lump of coal. In anger he called his hired hand Jonathan and pays him to find and kill Santa.

It is sad that this movie cost so much to produce ($20 million) and in the end is just a load of crap with little potential to entertain. I cannot ask for anyone to see this nonsense it is a short film, but that is just the only good thing about it.


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