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Tenet (2020)

Tenet (2020)



John David Washington

Robert Pattinson

Elizabeth Debicki

Dimple Kapadia

Directed by Christoper Nolan

Christoper Nolan has a knack of creating movies that are puzzles set in place for film lovers to put together and spend more time after viewing to try to find the missing links. Tenet is like a drug for people who love movie thrills with puzzles. Notwithstanding the movie takes you attention for the long run-time and it is enjoyable and thrilling. It is an action-thriller with a hell lot of time travel sci-fi just sprinkled all over it. You get a taste of Memento (2000) and Inception (2010) (movies Nolan also directed and wrote), Nolan did not hold anything back in this production, which he also directed and wrote. The movies production cost is very high, although I must add the sound mixing was not so good.

Right from the get go when I saw someone like unshoot a bullet, I got this feeling like this would have been best a TV-Series. You get the idea that as a series it would have had more time to give me more juice on the plot.

Our man is a CIA who witnessed the unshooting bullets. He was captured and he killed himself, but survived. Our man now tagged dead, gets enrolled in the secret organization called Tenet. There he is shown bullets with what is called inverted entropy which allows them to move backwards through time.

He is given a task to find who is supplying this bullets. He soon learns that the bullets are normal bullets which are turned to inverted entropy by a machine. Things get further complex and we get into a time travel mix, and we have to be on our toes to keep up with things.

Even though the movie has a run-time of almost two hours thirty minutes, you still find yourself choked on a complex plot with way too many intricate details and characters. If this was a series it would have been best because Nolan would have had more time to build his world and gently flesh out things happening on screen.

The movie production cost was high in the figures of $200 million and with marketing cost, the movie has been tagged a box office bomb set to lose over $100 million. Which is sad because the movie is well done enough to be a hit. Acting wise John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s son) did an amazing job and I can feel he is on his way to be as good as his father. Everyone else from Robert Pattinson down to Michael Caine gave top performances. Michael Caine has a short time in this movie, but he has become a familiar face in Nolan films.

To be able to enjoy this at the cinema would have been difficult, because watching it at my control will require me to skip back numerous times. That said, it is a movie to throw on the rack of the wonderful Nolan movies he has done over the years.


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