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Vanguard (2020)

Vanguard (2020)



Jackie Chan

Ai Lun

Yang Yang

Miya Muqi

Directed by Stanley Tong

Fair warning before you go see this movie, the plot is flawed and there are many reasons why this movie has a bad ratings from critics. One of the most annoying thing about the movie are the lines. Think cheesy, then multiply that by ten, what you get is this movie here. Also do not expect to see Jackie Chan doing much fighting in this movie, he is mostly relegated to overseeing things and participating less. He left most of the fights to the new generation of actors.

I can say that the best thing would be do not go out of your way to see this movie, just wait for it to come meet you. For me what I saw was an attempt at doing like a Chinese Kingsman because the amount of gadgets on display in this movie is way out of no where. The CGI in this movie is very bad, there is nothing worse than seeing that they are trying to trick you. They used CGI for the lion scenes which were badly executed, then there is a scene where Jackie Chan was able to do some magic near a waterfall, the CGI there too was poor.

The movie starts fast, not leaving room to breath at all, all we know from the start is that there is a group of people called the Arctic Wolves hired by a man to capture a wealthy man called Qin. Now after their initial kidnap of Qin and his wife got twat by a security team which Qin hired to protect him, the men went after Qin’s daughter. The security team are called Vanguard and their leader is no other than Jackie Chan himself. The team suspected that the men would go after the daughter and went to save her, get ready here for some bad acting by the lady playing Qin’s daugher.

Well, they get her in the end with one of Jackie’s men, so now they have to do a trade, the father for the two, with Chan hell bent in saving everyone.

For a Jackie Chan movie the body count was way high and Chan used guns a lot in this movie to kill some of the bad guys.

There is one scene where Chan does an amazing stunt, in the first twenty-five minutes he jumps on a moving car bonnet to get into the passenger side. That makes you go wow, then the movie plot dulls you again.

The shooting is intense in this movie and the movie refuses to drop its pace from the fast action it starts with. Even when they were planing to go do the rescue they did not waste much time talking. I can say it was not a bad watch, I did laugh at some of the cheesy lines, but I cannot find it in my heart to recommend this film.


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