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Superintelligence (2020)

Superintelligence (2020)



Melissa McCarthy

Bobby Cannavale

Brian Tyree Henry

James Corden

Directed by Ben Falcone

If you have not seen this movie Superintelligence, I envy you right now. I so much wish I was you saved from the ridicule done to movie production. I wish I had the privilege to not have spent time listening to elongated movie lines that gave a new meaning to boredom. These lines were meant to entertain, but instead just seemed like never ending monologues from cliché cemetery.

I know of the Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy energy, this married couple produce their own films with McCarthy being the lead in most of them. While some have been ok, this will be one of their worst.

The movie is supposed to be a rom-com with a dash of sci-fi, it is about a lady named Carol Peters (McCarthy) who is an average woman selected by an AI to be studied for three days.

The AI (voiced mostly by James Corden) is a rogue children learning app that grew and learned much about everything and everyone. How that is possible is for the writer to explain, however he is not here right now for me to drill him. So, Carol tells her friend at Microsoft who then tells the government and this AI superintelligence becomes priority number one for destruction.

On the other hand, Carol has become to it a pet, which he wants to study to understand more about humans. And his key interest now is love and he wants to help Carol get back together with her ex.

From what we get from Carol she holds a lot of blame for them splitting up and the AI is ready to pull all the strings possible to get them back together.

Why the three days in the first paragraph? Well, the AI has not decided yet if it wants to take humans out of the equation or help them when it comes to saving the earth.

There is a current need for new streaming platforms to generate content and because of that we have had to deal with lame ass movies being released like all the time. It seems nobody wants to spend the time to create classics anymore and I believe these platforms have way too much money to throw around. The only good thing that happened while watching this film is that when I saw one of the characters buying trash bags, I remembered to take out mine. Funny, but I had a better time taking our my trash than seeing this movie. In the end with all of the talent at play, the movie ended up wasting them all.


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