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Pig (2021)

Pig (2021)




Nicolas Cage

Alex Wolff

Adam Arkin


Directed by Michael Sarnoski


I appreciate a good drama, but this isn’t one.

I have been lied to. I watched this movie with the believe that there is either going to be action or a nice thriller on how things will turn out when Nicolas Cage character (Rob) goes in search for his pig. What I ended up getting is a self-involved movie which the writer thinks everyone watching is in his head and he does not need to develop or explain things. When you finally figure things out, you ask yourself. What was that punching me let me stand 10 seconds for? It really had no place in the movie, but to make the character look more revolting than he already was.

The whole, I lost my reason to live and now I live in the woods all alone and refuse to take a shower or even make myself look presentable is over played.

The movie does not make you pity or have any remorse for the lead character you are more worried that the man he is with Amir (his unwilling co-partner) will catch something from this unhygienic character. The movie keeps your hopes up, makes you believe something is going to happen, “just watch” it says. My people, nothing eventually happens he accepts his fate, and everyone moved on with their lives.

The plot introduces us to Rob, a reclusive truffle hunter who lives in the woods, with his pig. We also meet Amir who comes to buy truffles from Rob. One night Rob gets robbed, by some junkies who take his pig and sells it. Rob happens to see the car they were driving, and he calls Amir to come help him get his pig back. The whole movie is about their hunt for this pig, which then takes us down a wormhole of regrets, past issues with Amir and we get to know why Rob stays in the woods away from everything and everyone.

I don’t know where you can catch this movie for viewing in your area, but I will say save yourself the pain. I hear critics say this movie has Cage delivering one of his best performances, well I can agree it is a good performance, but that is just it.

The movie is a directorial debut of Michael Sarnoski, and he also wrote the screenplay and story for this movie. I wish he does a better job with his next outing as a writer and director. The only thing I can give the more prep for is its steadfastness. Rob stays dirty and repulsive from the start to the end. I was wondering why this man thought a good shower and a clean up meant he has betrayed something/someone.


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