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Sweet Girl (2021)

Sweet Girl (2021)




Jason Momoa

Isabela Merced

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Amy Brenneman

Directed by Brian Andrew Mendoza

The thing about sweet girl is that the moment you are finally exposed to the hidden truth and the power behind all the killings, it messes up the build up. The movie trips on itself when it reveals the main plot twist and just stumbles it way through to the end. If the writers remove the plot twist, I feel this would have been a way better movie. Plot twist are supposed to elevate movies, not drown them.

When it comes to PTSD and multiple personality issues, movies like Fight Club have created the blueprint that is easy to follow. Sweet Girl leaves about stupid traces that you are supposed to now put together when the plot twist drops, but what ends up happening is you feeling like the writers must think you are stupid. Because you have more questions about how all the things that happened, happened.

The Cooper family has a dad Ray (Jason Momoa), Mother Amanda and daughter Rachel. Amanda falls ill with terminal cancer. The family are fighting with everything they have to save her, but to no avail. Suddenly there is good news, a new drug with high efficacy is available to save her. When it was time to administer the drug the pharmaceutical company pulls it off the market. Amanda dies and Ray swore revenge. The thing is Ray called a TV station where the CEO of the company was and swore to get revenge if Amanda dies, then she does. Months after, Ray gets a call from a journalist who says he has proof that he can share with him so they can take the CEO down. Ray goes to the meeting point which was on a train, followed by Rachel unknown to him. During their meeting the journalist was killed, by a hitman who also wanted to kill Ray, Rachel jumps into the mix to try and save her dad. In the end she is thrown off the train to the platform (train had stopped) with Ray beside her stabbed and bleeding to death.

Fast-forward like a year later, Ray still bent on getting answers traces the CEO to a charity event and things got out of hand and the CEO is killed. Now He and Rachel are on the run, as the police are after them and the vice of the company has also sent mercenaries after them.

The movie would have done best if it killed the protagonist and the main antagonist, because there was no need for that stupid ending. The good guy after killing so many people to get to the main boss, then decides to let the justice system handle the rest.

It is sad that it has all come to this point where good movies are now so hard to find that this such nonsense is what is passing through boards as a movie worth producing.

You can see this on Netflix, if you still want to watch it as a Jason Momoa fan.


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