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Reminiscence (2021)

Reminiscence (2021)




Hugh Jackman

Rebecca Ferguson

Thandiwe Newton

Directed by Lisa Joy

A film about memories sure knows how to leave none. The possibility that you will leave your seat satisfied when you are done watching this movie is highly unlikely. The movie waste all the A-list actors it has on boring dialogues and a plot that tries to drown you in neo-noir sci-fi. At the end you can only think of numerous films who have done this better.

The movie is like Vanilla Sky meets Inception, and instead of a beautiful merge they decided to just take all the boring parts of both and mix it up and serve it on a gold plated dish. You know that annoying feeling you get when you are done throwing-up, but your mind keeps retching (gagging) but there is nothing else left in your stomach to puke out. That’s was the feeling I got while watching this movie, it just keeps going on and on, but you can tell there was nothing left to deliver.

The movie takes place in the future at a time when it seems the earth has decided to take back some of its land. We see Miami flooded (climate change) and in this future technological advancement, seems to be in line with the spiral collapse of human society. We are introduced to Nick (Hugh Jackman) who fought in a war which preceded this present human society collapse. Nick is a skilled interrogator during his time in service and he uses that skill, to make money after his service time. Working along side his service partner, Watts (Thandiwe Newton) they use a special machine to dig through people's memories. Either to act like P.I. to help them solve nagging issues stored at hard to reach places in their memory. Or they help people visit memories they love seeing. Which turns some of their clients into addicts who come back to sit through a moment in their lives when they believed everything was perfect. There was a girl Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) who came in and Nick fell in love with her, soon they were in a relationship and then one day she disappeared. Nick became obsessed with knowing why and finding her, and kept immersing himself into the machine to find clues he believed he missed.

The police call them to come investigate a case, and while going through the man’s memories he sees Mae. Now there is a murder, Mae seems to be involved and now Nick starts to investigate again, trying to find his girl and during this he gets tied up in a case of infidelity and his life gets put in danger.

The movie is written, directed and produced by Lisa Joy who is the executive producer of HBO’s Westworld series. The movie is not worth your time, just wasted potential.


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