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No Sudden Moves (2021)

No Sudden Moves (2021)




Don Cheadle

Benicio del Toro

David Harbour

Jon Hamm

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

(contains mild spoilers)

This movie has many layers, twisty and at all times eventful you will never want to skip a minute while watching. There is nothing more fun than a good crime movie, which never allows you to get ahead of it. Anytime you think, “ok, things are going to go straight from here on…” Nope, someone pulls another double cross. This may not rank high as one of the formidable crime movies you can see, but the way it was written makes it very easy to follow and captivating as things never go the way you think.

The movie is well directed by Steven Soderbergh (Oceans Eleven with George Clooney) and it is written by Ed Solomon (Bill and Ted franchise movie writer). The movie boast of an ensemble cast of A-list actors and the production and direction is creamy. The actors all shined in their roles delivering this movie the best way they can.

Set in the 50s the plot starts with Curt (Don Cheadle) being given a job by Doug to go babysit a family, the pay was five thousand. This babysitting job needed three people Curt and Ronald (Benicio Del Toro) will babysit the family while the third man Charlie will take the father to his office to retrieve a document.

The three men get to the home with Curt and Ronald holding the family at gunpoint (babysitting) Charlie and the father go to his office to retrieve an important document. The man did not find the document and took any paper he found and gave it to Doug (whom had Charlie direct the man to drive to where he was). Unknown to the two babysitters Charlie was to kill the whole family after the job was done, but when he pulled out his gun to do so he was killed by Curt. Doug discovers that he was given a fake document and calls the home only to get through to Curt and he ask Curt to do the job and even kill Ronald. Curt suspecting this was a setup, takes off with Ronald and leaves the family alive.

Curt comes up with a plan, which is to go back get the father and get the document. With a huge price on their heads, he and Ronald come to the conclusion that the document must be worth more than the price on their head. So they go back to get the father and things get completely complicated from then on.

You can catch this movie on HBO Max, it is worth every minute you will spend watching it including your money.


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