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Murder Mystery 2 (2023)

Murder Mystery 2 (2023)




Adam Sandler

Jennifer Aniston


Directed by Jeremy Garelick


If you saw Murder Mystery one and thought your life is missing a part two of the remaining alive characters. And what happened to those two unprofessional humans who happened to be married and were forced to be detectives. Well, Netflix got you. It may have been four years in the making, but Netflix got you. There made a part 2 and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first one. The first one had its haters with many accepting that the pair of Sandler and Aniston (who played Nick and Audrey Spitz) were not powerful enough to make this movie worth anything, but I did disagree then and still do now.

This movie is just as good as the first one and would have been better if they had turned down the dumbness of the couple who has now decided to become real life private detectives. And they suck at it when they are being paid to do it, than when the situation they were in just dropped it on their laps.

So here we are Nick and Audrey are down in the dust with their agency when they get an invite to a wedding from their friend Vik, who is with Colonel Ulenga from the first film. The Colonel is now missing a left arm which happened when he saved Vik from an assassination attempt.

So in the preparation for the wedding Vik gets kidnapped and while everyone was all up in the commotion when a murdered man was in his place. Nick suspected that the real culprit was using this as a means to get away with Vik. He goes outside to witness Vik being taken away in a boat.

The couple want to have everyone present as they plan to make this investigation the one that shines a good light on their failing detective agency. They never got to see the light shine when Vik’s company hired an outsider, a known hostage negotiator who runs a team of skilled detectives to handle the case.

Things could have been easy from then on, but the kidnappers wanted the couple to handle the money exchange. This went badly and soon the couple were being wanted for a killing and the kidnapping.

How the two of them were able to wiggle their way out of this chaos is fun to watch and the movie has a lot more intense and silly scenes than the first film. I did not get to laugh out loud like the first film, but I was captivated to see how the whole chaos that has started was going to get sorted out.

It is out now on Netflix.


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