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Murder Mystery (2019)

Murder Mystery (2019)


Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston
Luke Evans

Directed by Kyle Newacheck

I cannot remember the last time I watched an Adam Sandler movie and I was laughing and interested to see the way it will end. I would not have even watched this movie if Jennifer Aniston was not in it. I felt she had the Midas touch that was lacking in the Sandler movies and I was right. Murder Mystery is a movie that takes its cue from some old time Agatha Christie kind of thing for the first thirty-five minutes, with Aniston delivering on the comedy. After that, the movie got a little too serious for its own good, but still had me glued.
The last Adam Sandler movie I saw by year was done in 2012 and for seven years until now I have avoided him in any starring role like a plague until now.

This movie is about lies and mystery. Sandler is not trying anything here to be funny, Aniston did the heavy lifting and she did it so well. Memorable actors, sweet dialogue and a fun time, with the below plot which starts with Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler).
Nick has just failed his detective test again for the third time. He felt so bad about it and lied to his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) about it. He further lied that he got a raise and that he has been planning a honeymoon for him and her.
This lie led him to fly them both to Europe where they meet Charles Cavendish, an aristocrat (Luke Evans). Charles ended up inviting them both to come with him on a yacht.

On the yacht they meet Charles family which has a weird connection with his billionaire uncle Malcom.
·         Charles ex Suzi, is now marrying his uncle, Malcom.
·         His uncle’s son Tobey, is a nobody who just wants to inherit daddy’s money.
·         Then we have a colonel who saved Malcom’s life when they were younger, by saving him from a bomb.
·         Juan Carlos, a race car driver and god son to Malcom.
·         Grace an actress
·         Lastly, Sergei the colonel’s bodyguard
All these people were present when Malcom disowned them all from his will and willed everything to Suzi. He was about to sign the will when he was murdered.
You will think things will focus on that, giving us a movie about Nick and Audrey (an addict for crime novels) solving a murder on the high seas. That did not happen, they docked and more people get murdered as the movie progresses, making Nick and Audrey the prime suspects.

The movie was released on Netflix and it is doing well, setting a record as the biggest opening weekend as at June 2019.


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