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Child's Play (1988)

Child’s Play (1988)


Catherine Hicks
Chris Sarandon
Alex Vincent
Brad Dourif

Directed by Tom Holland

To be honest watching Chucky in 2011, still made me shiver. This is one of the best movies we loved back in the 80s, and it was just a cult classic. A magnificent movie about a serial killer's soul getting trapped into a doll. The doll then goes on a killing spree, which involved a young child named Andy.

I'm going to take my time here to discuss the comparison between this Child's Play movie and the rest.

Here is one of the best and only few movies about inanimate objects becoming killers, that is enjoyable.

The movie starts with a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray being chased by a detective. Charles gets shot and still manages to escape to a warehouse. Coming to the understanding that he is about to die, Charles transfers his soul into a Good Guys doll there in the warehouse, using some sort of vodou spell.

A widow named Karen buys a doll from a peddler, as a birthday gift for her six-year-old son Andy. That so happens to be the doll that has Charles' soul.

Charles, still has some set plans for himself, and killing was still something he liked, he killed Karen's best friend who came to babysit Andy, and then started to hurt/hunt Andy and his mother.

What makes Child’s Play 1 better than the rest before the 2013 Curse of Chucky?

The screenplay, when watching a movie especially a horror movie about a Serial killing Doll, the screen play has to be exceptional.
Because I can’t be walking around and a doll will jump me or over power me.
So the screenplay in Child’s Play 1 had scenes were the dolls action’s (although not possible) but were probable. You'd feel, ‘it could happen’ if there was a serial killing doll that was super fast. But the other Child’s Play movies had scenes that were neither possible nor probable.

For example, In Child’s Play 2 there was a scene were Andy tied up to a bed both arms and legs. This was done while Andy was sleeping. So either Andy was a deep sleeper or Chucky has some supernatural muscular strength and with four arms. Or when Chucky used his super muscular arms to knocks him out with the back of a knife.

The director, the second reason why this Chucky is better than the rest is the director, Tom Holland who was also part responsible for the writing and the screenplay. This was the first and only Chucky movie he was involved in. Tom Holland was also responsible for the masterpiece Fright Night which came out 3 years before Chucky.

The movie does put you at the edge of your sit, and makes you feel young again.
The casting of the movie is probably not possibly the reason why this movie is great to see again.

Alex Vincent, who played Andy, acted marvelously well, as his portrayal of a child hunted by a killer doll was intriguing. The fear, the excitement, and the facial expressions were so well done and I believe that all the teen idols of this time need to go learn this.

I even liked his one liner when he had to roast Chucky.

Chucky: Andy, No we are friends to the end, remember

Andy: This is the end, friend!.

Go see Child’s Play 1 if you haven’t seen it and go see it again if you have.


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