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Final Destination 5 (2011)

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Final Destination 5


Nicholas D'Agosto
Emma Bell
Miles Fisher
Arlen Escarpeta

Directed by Steven Quale

Distributed by New Line Cinema
(Warner Bros.)

Based on the same storyline like the previous prequels Final Destination 5 adds nothing new to the already known tale of:

“Death’s revenge on the ones that made it”

This movie coins the phrase “you’ve seen one, you’ve it all”, although the writers were more creative with the death scenes…more likely the plot that leads to the death scenes; Still final destination 5 lacks creativity, and all too predictable.

Although this is the highest rated of all five versions, it still fell in the realm of too predictable.

All other final destinations (except Final Destination 2) always have a tragic end where death wins including this one, giving us the idea that you can run as much as you want but death is still gonna catch ya.

For me if i get a premonition am about to die, i guess i will do the same as this our leads and try to make a get away.
why not prolong the inevitable?

Horror movies get to go on and on, like SAW but I guess Final Destination was made for those who are mentally OKAY, who just want to see a quick painless death, than the more gore torture to death that SAW provides.

Our main character here is Sam who works in a paper company and was going on a company retreat with his fellow co-workers.
While in the bus, he has a premonition about the death of everyone in the bus on the Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge. He saw his colleagues killed in the most horrific way, as they try to escape from the collapsing bridge. Upon waking up and seeing the events unfold just as it did in his dream he caused a scene got off the bus, taking his girlfriend with him. He was chased by his best friend and his girl, then a black guy, a horny dog, a slutty chick and a teacher.

The incident happened as he saw it but the lucky 8 escaped and we then watch as death starts to take them out one by one.

Under the direction of James Cameron’s protégé Steven Quale who has been working with Cameron since 1989 The Abyss and also worked on hits like Terminator 2: judgement day, True Lies, Titanic, and Avatar.

Final Destination 5 is Quale's debut in a box office movie.
In this movie, he tease’s you each time you are watching a death scene, as you start to guess what exactly is going to send this characters to the next realm, as you are watching you see fire burning here, needles sticking out here, screw loose somewhere, and you just can’t figure which is going to do the deed.

Written by Eric Heisserer, who worked on last year’s A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, he adds a twist to the normal tale we are use to.
The twist though was well snipped at the bud before it got over board.


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