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The Change Up (2011)

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The Change Up



Ryan Reynolds
Jason Bateman

Directed by David Dobkin

Distributed by Universal Pictures

Ever get the feeling that Hollywood is mocking us?
I did when i saw "The Change-Up", this movie goes downhill, from the very first GO.

Why do some writers think, Poop is funny?
The movie stars Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) and Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses)
Our first poop joke comes when Bateman gets poop projected right into his mouth.

The jokes in the movie were not funny just eewww...

And the plot is ever so predictable, we were meant to believe that both guys envied each other's lives before the switch, but the dialogue that led to the switch vaguely indicated that.

Directed by David Dobkin, and written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, from Hangover and Hangover II. This piece is directed and written for those whose minds can't comprehend a good joke. The movie is more irritating than funny, and a drag.

The predictable plot goes, Two best friends; Reynolds as Mitch, is a jobless loser while Bateman is Dave an overworked lawyer, married with 3 kids. One miserable night (Miserable for me the watcher)our drunken duo, decides to pee in a fountain, while talking about who's life sucks more.


The old switch-a-roo happens.

At the end, we get to see these two knuckleheads urinate in the fountain again to get their lives back, may i add the writers felt it will be fun that they do it by being a public nuisance, in broad daylight at a party with some people recording.

Well after a taste of what Change up brings I desperately miss watching high budget productions that makes you think and wonder at the mastery of the act of film making.
This is a good reason to stay off films done by these two, but I will have to add, that the problem with films like this is not mostly the actors but the producers, who felt obliged to buy such a script and get a film company to believe that they are investing in a good job well done.

Film production companies need to go back to their roots when shabby mistakes like this will not even pass for a short film, and I think directors and producers should have new aims in like wanting to make movies that will last through all the ages.

Nobody will want to sit down and recall the days when I sat and watched a movie about two men pissing in a fountain.


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