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Abduction (2011)

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Abduction (2011)


Taylor Lautner
Lily Collins
Alfred Molina
Jason Isaacs
Maria Bello
Sigourney Weaver

Directed by John Singleton

Distributed by Lionsgate

This movie was made with the hope of reaping out cash from the fans of Taylor’s hairless muscular chest, and not for the poor unfortunate soul who just want to see a good movie.

For the female fans of Taylor’s Chest, they won’t have to wait long as series of unfortunate events leads to the shirt flying off in the first 10mins or so, and it occurs at least twice after that I think.

But for the poor unfortunate souls, who just want to see a good movie, read on…

This picture was probably made for “INSOMNIA PATIENTS” because I couldn’t help but yawning all through the 100 minutes. Tied to a chair this movie is a good torture, Directed by “Boyz n the hood”director and screen writer John Singleton, this movie proves he should stay away from main stream pictures.

The first glitch in this movie is the lead actor Taylor Lautner (Twilight Series) his performance was so below the scale I kept wondering if what was happening in the movie had anything to do with him. He probably skipped some acting classes cause acting like a robot in a movie that had you lose two parents in a day isn’t acting at all. His performance here makes you appreciate his role as just a supporting actor in the Twilight series.

Let’s not drop the bomb only on him alone, the screenplay lacked enthusiasm. Think your geography teacher is boring? Wait till you hear the dialogues in this movie.

The plot I believe was also another problem; a man named Martin, (who is said to be Nathan’s father) is a CIA agent who stole a list with the names of corrupt CIA operatives from some Russian guy named Kozlow, now on the run his son is being watched by some hired hands. Nathan (Taylor Lautner) grows up with people he believes are his mum and dad, till he finds his picture on a missing children website.

This is what I don’t get (if you do please leave a comment explaining), am a Russian bad guy, someone stole my list of corrupt CIA officials, and I can’t find him. So I get the picture of his son places it up in a phony missing children website, maintain the site for more than 12 years, hoping that one day somebody will stumble upon it and lead me to the father.

So the lead character so happens to be doing a project on missing kids and stumbles on the picture.

That plot to me sounds like a high school musical…but they pulled it off and made a movie out of it, the movie may lack the usual Bourne Identity charm, but they achieved what they wanted create a movie with Taylor as the lead.

This is a movie I have saved you the pain of watching, no need to bother.


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