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Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

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Crazy, Stupid, Love


Steve Carell
Ryan Gosling
Julianne Moore
Emma Stone
Marisa Tomei
Kevin Bacon

Directed By Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Distributed by Warner Bros

We are familiar in seeing Steve Carell in all round crazy comedies like, Get Smart, Date Night and others but this movie drops in a different category all together as we see him play a comic role but had to put some serious dramatic energy in it, to make the character not look phony.

If you are not a huge fan of the whole, romantic comedy flicks then maybe you should try another screen but this movie is a set aside for all to see.

The script for this movie is from Dan Fogelman and the directors were "Bad Santa" writers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Crazy, Stupid, Love presents an almost perfect ensemble cast, which delivers both comedy and drama to keep you watching to the very end.

Starting all cliché-ish, the movie plot has Steve Carell play Cal Weaver a Mr. Nice guy whose wife cheated on him and to add insult to injury, she tells him this to his face on their way home from dinner which ended abruptly when she dropped the divorce bomb.

Cal all bumped out starts to hang in a bar gets drunk and talks on and on about his wife (Julianne Moore) cheating on him.

He meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who takes him under his wing and turns Cal this shy Mr. Nice guy to a lady magnet.

From here the movie goes through the same tunnel as others, the hunk mentor falls in love and protégé ends up not wanting to quit the game, the movie then adds twists and turns with an enlighten ending.

The only problem with the movie is just the fact that it is predictable, as we have been dealt in various dosages of romantic movies going in this same trend, but known has a 13 year old boy who was insanely in love with a 17 year old, I will give the writers that.

Also to add the 17 year old was in love with Cal.

Marisa Tomei (Oscar winner for best Actress in My Cousin Vinnie in 1992) joins the cast as the first girl Cal, lands in the sack.

The thing about reviewing a romantic comedy is trying not to reveal the entire plot which will in turn kill the review.

So if you are going to the cinemas with your girl? Go watch Crazy, Stupid, Love. One thing is certain one of you is going to leave there with a lesson learnt.


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