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Johnny English Reborn (2011)

Johnny English Reborn (2011)


Rowan Atkinson
Gillian Anderson
Rosamund Pike
Dominic West
Daniel Kaluuya
Richard Schiff

Directed by Oliver Parker

Here is one slapstick comedy I really enjoyed watching.

Johnny English Reborn is a sequel to Johnny English 2003 starring the same lead act Rowan Atkinson (better known as Mr. Bean). This character was born back in the 90’s due to Barclay Card commercials, Atkinson liked the character and Johnny English came out in 2003.

The 2003 movie was made with a budget of 40 million dollars, the movie, although panned by critics racked in 160 million dollars; so most definitely a remake was going to be made for financial purposes of cause.

Why the producers chose to wait 8 years to do it beats me. The movie like his predecessor was received with mixed reviews but went ahead to make it in the box office.

The movie kicks off with us seeing our Spy, English; in a Chinese monastery training to master the art of mind over body. He got recalled when his agency superiors learned of an attempt against the Chinese premier's life.

English was giving the latest in-high tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7, English bumbles around chases bad guys and somehow head locks the Queen of England and at the end saves the day.

As we all know, English job is not complete without an assault on the crown.

Why I like this movie is that it is just plain, simple stupidity. We have been plagued and have been forced to be used to the fact that for a comedy to be funny, we have to have curse words, sexual references and others. But here all we have to deal with is plain old rubber face Mr. Bean, using physical acts to keep us entertained.

The producers went all the way in this one, using more James Bond themes and logos, to make this Bond spoof enjoyable.

Are they any kick in the nuts in this movie?

The answer will be yes they are several incidents that required a little kick in the old testicles to get the message across (which slapstick comedy is complete without it).

Screen writing was done by William Davis who was responsible for the wonderful and funny CG movie “How To Train Your Dragon”.

This is a good family movie, I enjoyed the fact I didn’t have to feel defiled after watching a comedy a fact I think Hollywood should work on.


  1. omg!!!!...this movie got me laughing almost throughout the movie..cant remember if i laughed my eyeballs out too..deserves an 8/10..
    i was thinkin mr.bean was goin to do some annoyin stunts that will mk me get riled up like giafilankis in DUE DATE or much worse bt i ges his stupidity in d movie covered up fr d annoyin part and kept me to the end..
    funny movie!..just hope u dont choke on ur popcorn wen watchin it the way that stupid zach gialifiakis choked on coffee made from his father's ashes....hehehehe

  2. Haba...i was fair

    8/10 is a little too high dont you think.

    But i liked the movie.

  3. lool..
    if winnie could get a 9/10..then i dnt see hw thats on a high syd
    bt its okay al d same