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Margin Call (2011)

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Margin Call


Kevin Spacey
Paul Bettany
Jeremy Irons
Zachary Quinto
Penn Badgley
Simon Baker
Mary McDonnell
with Demi Moore
and Stanley Tucci

Directed by J.C. Chandor

Distributed by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions

Produced by Zachary Quinto’s production company "Before the Door Pictures", Margin Call is J.C. Chandor debut, and he managed to pull out a movie about the current economic problem facing America right now without boring you with all the details but just skimming the top and making sure you enjoy the ride.

Focused on the financial market, and with a well ensemble cast, Writer/Director J.C. Chandor drove the movie home to the point to which the movie was made, avoiding all form of beating about the bush.

This drama/thriller begins with layoffs, as an Investment company starts to lay off some of its staffs, so as to keep the young and strong gunning for the top position thereby increasing performance.

Lay off employee Eric Dale (Stanley Tucci), before leaving, gives young associate Peter Sullivan (Zachary Quinto) a USB drive with some info on it and warns, "Be careful."

Peter stays up all night out of curiosity and finds out that the company has with it, assets that are ticking time bombs to the company’s demise, If the assets were to lose value by just 25% the company will owe more money than it is worth.

The twist in these assets is that it has started depreciating. The time bomb was set off days before Peter noticed it.
So Peter calls his boss Sam Rogers (Kevin Spacey) to tell him the dark tale, from Spacey the information moved up the rung till it reaches the firm owner John Tuld (Jeremy Irons).

My favorite part of the movie is when the firm realizes they just laid off the only person who knew what was going on and was putting together the loss.

The film boils down to two things, one is business and the other morals… should the firm pack up and fold up or should they unload the assets to unknowing customers.

Kevin Spacey is my take as the best character in the movie delivering an Oscar performance, and making every scene he was in worth watching.
If you are into drama, this is a movie for you.

The movie is a box office success and it was nominated for an Academy Award, Best Original Screen Play.

The movie currently holds a 86% approval in rotten tomatoes, and this is good news to Zachary's production company, and a good delivery from him better than his coming out gay which also happened this month.


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