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Killer Elite (2011)

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Killer Elite (2011)


Jason Statham
Clive Owen
Yvonne Strahovski
Dominic Purcell
Robert De Niro

Directed By Gary McKendry

Distributed by Open Road Films

There is nothing better than seeing a man chase a dream.

Statham’s desire to be the next Van Damme or Segal is a doable task and he is well on his way towards achieving it, as these two were much criticized of acting movies that were predictable and acting capability rigid. But if Statham’s wants to fill the space left by Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Norris…he has his work cut out for him.

Killer Elite, is a straight forward action movie that plagues of series of unfortunate events, all tied together by the normal driving force of majority of action films… shoot… kill… kill.

Well this movie parades some known acts, Clive Owen (Shoot ‘Em up), Robert De Niro but to mention a few, and yes Dominic Purcell is here too (Prison Break). The acting in this movie was downright dumb, as Robert De Niro acted like he was not interested in the movie at all, Clive at times over did it, and Purcell…well he just wasn’t in it at all.

Based on a 1991 controversial novel titled The Feather Men by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Killer Elite is based on a somewhat true story and the movie is well packaged for Statham’s fans to go watch and be happy to see their hero run around.

Directed by Gary McKendry who is remembered for being nominated in the 77th Academy Award for best Short Film, won’t be getting any nomination this year, as the script and action scenes were so dull, it is a miracle I kept my eyes open to the end of the film.

The movie is about Danny (Jason) a gun-hire, who decides to quit the business and live the gentle life. His desire didn’t last long as one of his team mate and mentor (Robert De Niro), got captured by a Sheikh who decides to let Robert De Niro go for a ransom, which happened to be a job. The Omani Sheikh wants Danny to avenge the deaths of three of his sons, each killed by British SAS officers during the Dhofar Rebellion in the 80’s.

The quest was simple, find the men, get confessions on tape, then make the deaths look like accidents; then, mentor goes free. To spice it up Danny and his team get $6 million out of the deal.

Now after all this is put together we get a full dose of clumsy cinematography, shaky camera angles…dialogues taking too long to mean anything, and we get to see the Jason pose…where he stares you down before knocking you silly.


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