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Real Steel (2011)

Real Steel


Hugh Jackman
Dakota Goyo
Evangeline Lilly
Anthony Mackie
Kevin Durand

Directed by Shawn Levy

Imagine a combination of I-Robot (2004) and Rocky (1976), that’s what Real Steel has to offer a combination of two classics, that falls short on the “CLASS” and it is just not as “SLICK”. As the family movie which Real Steel falls into, it will go down well but as an action thriller…no way.

Real Steel is based on the 1956 short story "Steel"by Richard Matheson. The movie itself was shot mostly in Michigan and motion capture was used to simulate the robots movement. Directed by Night at the Museum and Date Night director Shawn Levy, Real Steel comes with some comic relief moments and heartwarming scenes, which will drive some possible goose bumps if you are in to this kind of stuff.

From the stable of Spielberg and Dreamworks comes a futuristic movie starring Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton and Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton.

Charlie is a down on his luck out of work boxer, who in this future where human boxing has been replaced with robot boxing where the robots are controlled by the users; Charlie was having a hard time keeping money as he owed all owe-able money; also to make matters worse he lost his priced fighting robot to a bull fight.

On his run from those he owed money, he gets the news that his former girlfriend was dead leaving him with a son.

Charlie's need for money makes him run to the court with the hope of trading his son to the sister of his girlfriend for some cool cash, as the sister was married to an extremely wealthy man.

Just like all family movies go, something led to another Charlie has to spend two weeks with the boy before returning him to the sister.

It is in these two weeks in some robot junkyard that Max found Atom. Max fixed him up and turned it to a robot fighting machine.

From here up, the movie starts, and we watch a roller coaster ride of father and son, yes the movie is predictable and you can guess where it is headed before it gets there…

But hey!It is rated PG: 13 meaning it is a family movie, so don’t go expecting much.

Real Steel was nominated for Best Visual Effects in the 84thAcademy Award and it racked in $295 million compared to its $110 million dollars budget.

Dreamworks is hoping to pull out a sequel to the movie sometime in the near future.


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