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In Time (2011)

In Time (2011)


Amanda Seyfried
Justin Timberlake
Olivia Wilde
Johnny Galecki
Matt Bomer
Vincent Kartheiser

Directed by Andrew Niccol

The movie itself is not half bad and I do recommend you to watch it.

It sees the future in a different realm, (but don’t expect much) instead of writer and director Andrew Niccol try to make the movie broad, he instead made it slim and made time the only focus.
The problem with that is everyone in the movie seems to have nothing else to either talk about or say that didn’t have to do with the time clock ticking on their wrist.

In time is written by The Truman Show writer and director Andrew Niccol, who places us in a future where TIME is the currency for survival.

The future is played thus; When you reach the age of 25 years you stop aging and then you are given a year to live, so in order to live beyond that year you either have to work, borrow or steal time.
You basically can’t do anything in this world without time, from buying food to paying rent you need time, and when your time runs out, you die.

So picture a movie where everyone looks 25; got the picture in your head…that is In Time.

Here is the plot: Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) leaves in the ghetto with his mum (Olivia Wilde who in real life is 3 yrs younger than Justin), both leave a day at a time always having enough to last the day. After work hours Will and best friend Borel (John Galecki: The Big Bang Theory) goes to a bar and they meet Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer: White Collar) who so happens to have a century on his clock, something leads to another Will has a century on his clock, on his way to meet his mum to celebrate her 50th, she dies in his arm. Will now with enough time on his hands decides to go against the system.

He is joined by Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) daughter of a rich tycoon whom he initially kidnapped and later on the form a Bonny and Clyde relationship that makes them the Robin Hood of the masses.

The cinematography in this movie was done by ace cinematographer Roger Deakins, who is responsible for hits like How to train your dragon, No Country for Old men amongst others, the light effect and camera work is something you will enjoy.
The fact that everyone in the movie takes a slow walk isn’t something you will enjoy, the characters talk slow and act slow sometimes and makes a short scene drag.

The fact that time was the only focus in this movie was drag and the scenes of the bank robbery lacked security trying to stop it, which to me is a screenplay flaw.

I imagine that in a future where “you time out”, when your time runs out, the time bank should be more secured.