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Our Idiot Brother (2011)

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Our Idiot Brother


Paul Rudd
Elizabeth Banks
Zooey Deschanel
Emily Mortimer
Kathryn Hahn
Steve Coogan

Directed by Jesse Peretz

Distributed by The Weinstein Company (US/UK/Germany/France/Japan)
Hyde Park Entertainment (International)

The 1st thing that gets you in this movie is the fact that you must be dumb to sell cannabis (weed), you must be stupid to sell weed to a cop, you must be mentally retarded to sell weed to a cop in uniform.

Our Idiot Brother may not be in the top ten greatest of any critic, the screenplay lacks a lot and the movie itself needs a lot of work to be crowned a good comedy but it is a good movie to watch on a Saturday morning, with your pals.

Our Idiot Brother is a 2011 comedy drama, which is directed by Grammy award music video director Jesse Peretz, Our Idiot Brother is the kind of movie you will enjoy, with its low mellow comedy and its representation of stupidity is a man whose idea of the world is based on honesty and trust.

The lead character in this movie is Ned played by Paul Rudd who’s only good representation of fine acting is in NBC sitcom Friends, where he played Mike Hannigan, Phoebe Buffay's boyfriend and later on husband. In this movie he did pulled it off, although the movie lacks all it needs to make it a hit, it makes up for that in the way the director makes you fond of Ned’s Character, his stupidity is one thing you just kinda find funny.

As far as movies go, this movie is a little on the “I know what is going to happen next” genre, but the writers made sure they keep you guessing how it is going to happen.

Ned (Paul Rudd) is a biodynamic farmer whose best friend is his dog and he lives with his girlfriend, Janet. One day (the movie’s opening scene), while Ned is selling at a local market, a police officer asks where he can buy some weed. Ned is a little skeptical at first, but was coaxed by the officer's professed desperation due to a stressful week. Feeling sympathetic, Ned gives marijuana to the officer for free. The officer then coaxes Ned into charging him twenty dollars. Ned is then arrested for selling drugs.

After months in jail, he is released and things have changed, his girlfriend now has a new boyfriend, and Ned is forced to live with his sisters he then manages to wreck a marriage, a friendship and a relationship, without even trying.

Here is one movie that is far from being a great, but it is still fun to watch.


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